REPORT: Charlie Trotter Died of a Stroke

While the initial findings of Charlie Trotter’s autopsy report were deemed inconclusive, further test results have come to light indicating that the 54-year-old Chicago chef died of a stroke, caused by high blood pressure.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

Test results after an autopsy determined that Trotter “died of a cerebrovascular accident (a stroke) as a consequence of hypertensive arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure),” Cook County Medical Examiner Stephen Cina said.

“Neither drugs nor alcohol contributed to his death,” he said. “Additionally, there is no scientific evidence to indicate that recent travel contributed to his death, though there was evidence of a prior stroke.”

Friends speculated after Trotter’s death that perhaps a ruptured brain aneurysm was brought on by a recent flight to Wyoming (the high altitude of air travel can exacerbate already weakened arteries). But the initial autopsy revealed that an aneurysm was not the cause of death.

Trotter is outlived by his wife, Rochelle, and son, Dylan.

[Chicago Tribune]

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