Charlie Trotter Sued For Allegedly Selling Counterfeit Wine, Calls It A Case Of ‘Buyer’s Remorse’

Remember the Charlie Trotter Mega Blowout Everything Must Go! sale he recently held after closing his eponymous restaurant? We were this close to having the end of an era be drama free (save for the errant fit of rage), until today. But we suppose we must tell you about a lawsuit being filed against the famous chef, claiming that a $46,200 bottle of wine he auctioned off was actually counterfeit. And he is all, “Eh, big deal.” (Our words, not his. His words are a bit meaner.)

The Chicago Tribune reports that Bekim and Ilir Frrokaj learned that a magnum of 1945 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti they bought at the auction turned out to be fake, after they took it to an expert to be insured. Hurt by their cabernet betrayal, they filed a suit agains the chef demanding up to $75,000 in damages, contending that he violated consumer protection laws.

But Trotter’s spirit animal is not a horse, as one might think. Trotter’s spirit animal is a honey badger:

When reached by phone, Trotter denied the allegations. He said he received a phone call a month after the purchase from one of the buyers, who asked for his money back.

“It was a disgruntled client who probably paid a lot more money (for the bottle) than he’s ever paid before,” Trotter said. “It’s buyer’s remorse.”

If we’re reading between the lines, his hidden message is: bring it.

[The Chicago Tribune]

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