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WATCH: Army Vet On Charlie Trotter’s Line Admits Working For Him Is Harder Than War

The Today Show payed a somber tribute to that great Midwestern trailblazer Charlie Trotter, shuttering his restaurant after a quarter century of acclaim. “Are we Trottered out, yet?” we asked ourselves before watching the segment. Because Charlie has gotten a veritable whirling shitstorm of attention for closing Charlie Trotter’s in favor of taking a break and going to grad school to study philosophy. Don’t get us wrong; that shitstorm is beyond deserved. And we will batten down our hatches and stick around till it blows over, because we will never tire of hearing Charlie Trotter stories from his friends, employees, and family.

Today politely referred to him as a “fiery,” “persnickety” restaurateur, but he was quick to correct them by calling himself “insane.” His line cooks would not disagree with him. One young lady admitted wanting to deck him, despite the fact that she liked him very much.

Another, an army veteran, admitted that working on the line at Charlie Trotter’s was worse than boot camp, worse than war, worse than anything you could imagine.

Yikes, Charlie! Looks like some before-bed cuddletime with the tomes of Nietzsche and Dostoyevsky is a much needed respite, after all.

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