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Chef And Stolen Puppy Reunited After Drug Raid, Everyone Goes ‘Awwwwww’

Cute story alert! A chef in England was recently reunited with her adorable American bulldog, who was taken from her during a burglary. (If you just read that sentence and felt disinclined to liking cute stories, please click here for all the boring stories you’ll ever want to read.)

Still with us? Okay. Police recently reunited Maria Fodor, a 40-year-old chef in Leyton, with her £2,000 bulldog, MJ, after finding the puppy during a drug bust. Robbers had burgled MJ during a home invasion, in which they attacked Fodor and stole her laptop and mobile phones, and Fodor had been devastated by the loss of her dog. “I cried so much, but then three days ago in the morning my phone rang and it was the police,” she told the Evening Standard. “They said, Maria, MJ is here.”

MJ had, in fact, been found when volunteers checked the dog’s microchip and discovered that he had been reported stolen. (What crazy future technologies we have these days!) Apart from an eye infection, MJ was in good health, and that’s wonderful news because dogs are wonderful.

(We only have one question, though: how the heck can a chef afford a dog worth $3160 on a chef’s salary?!)

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