Tweeting Easter: How Your Favorite Food Celebrities Are Preparing


Easter is either a time to celebrate the resurrection, or a time for a pure, unadulterated candy binge. Maybe we lean a little heavier on the latter option, but when else can you get so many animals modeled in sugar? Whether you’re planning a big Easter get-together, or rounding up your the-bunny-isn’t-real snark, it’s not too late to start the holiday preparations. We’ve found some of the best guides on the Internet in doing either one.

Martha Stewart’s Perfect House Is Perfect:

Peeps + Wine = Best Hangover?

Frohe Ostern from Das Wolfgang Puck:

Nigella Lawson, Makes Us Re-Think That Candy Binge:

Come And Bounce With Us, Francis:

Andrew Zimmern Reminds Us That Jews Have Some Sort Of Holiday Thing, Too:

See, don’t you feel totally prepared now? Happy Easter, internet!

Easter Floral Arrangement Tips

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