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WATCH: Badass Chef Fights Off Rioters With Rolling Pins, Knives

This time last summer, London was in the midst of city-wide riots (that later spread to the rest of the country), resulting in hundreds of stores and restaurants being broken into and looted. However, reports quickly spread of local business owners defending their turf against the rioters — including an amazing group of chefs who fought back using kitchen tools.

The Ledbury, a twice Michelin-starred restaurant was broken into mid-service, and masked looters attacked and robbed the customers, stealing wallets, cell phones and jewelery from the customers; one woman had her wedding ring stolen right off of her hand. But when word reached the kitchen, the staff stormed the dining room with “rolling pins, fry baskets and other dangerous kitchen tools” to defend their restaurant and customers from the looters. According to reports, the kitchen staff then quickly hid the customers in the wine cellar, where they were provided with champagne to help calm their nerves.

The chefs’ badass-ery was captured on the Ledbury’s security cameras, and since the people responsible for the attack were sentenced yesterday, the video has finally been released. While it only shows one awesome chef come out swinging, he was backed up by 20 other members of staff, who will forever be remembered as the toughest kitchen crew around.

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