Chef Roble Adds To Extremely Literal Food Porn Clothing Line

Chef Roble, of Bravo’s inexplicably renewed Chef Roble & Co. teamed up with PYKNIC to launch a “clothing line” (by which we mean glorified merch section) centered around that ever-titillating concept of food porn. There are t-shirts depicting ladies sensually noms-ing hors d’oeuvres off a stick (although, not white ladies, which we appreciate), posters of Chef Roble holding up a sign that says “Will Work For Food” (get it? It’s meta), and, the most recent addition: a snapback hat with the with criss-crossed silverware in neon embroidery. The press release explains that detail as “an ode to the neon XXX signs one would see at seedy establishments or on sleaze mags.” See what they did there? With the nod to food and porn? It looks like this:

To recap for any celeb chefs reading out there: a snapback-hat designing market exists for you. It isn’t all “Make Cornbread, Not War” tees, people.


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