Tonight In Food TV: Anne Burrell To Save Restaurants Everywhere

The Next Iron Chef ended its season a while ago, as did Worst Cooks In America. So, where does a foodie turn if they’re looking for an Anne Burrell fix? The Food Network tonight at ten to catch the premiere of Anne’s new show Chef Wanted.

On the show, Anne will help restaurants who are looking for a new executive chef find the best person for the job. She’ll choose four candidates, and put them through an intense application process to see if they can handle the high-pressure job. Yes, it is pretty much the same premise as Chef Hunter except with a recognizable face as the host. But who doesn’t want to watch Anne stress out about one contestant blending something and remind us every few minutes how high the stakes are in this situation? At the very least, it’s worth it to see how even under high heat and pressure Anne’s hair never budges.

Check out the promo here on the Food Network website, and catch the first episode tonight at ten!

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