John Besh Wants To Send You To Culinary School For Free

Tomorrow, April 30th, is the last day for students in the greater New Orleans area to apply for the Chefs Move! scholarship set up by John Besh and the Bride-Mayor family.

Every year, Besh and a group of local chefs select two minority students from Louisiana to receive full scholarships to the International Culinary Center; in culinary and pastry studies. Not only do the winning students get a tuition-free nine months at culinary school in New York (suck it, student debt!), they also receive internships at the Besh Restaurant Group, in the hopes that their talents will benefit the New Orleans area.

Why minorities only? The move came from a joint realization between Besh and Jessica Bride that the cohort of head chefs in New Orleans restaurants was rather homogenous:

Chef Besh and Ms. Bride have both witnessed the proliferation of minorities in menial labor positions in kitchens with little opportunity for advancement. With Chefs Move! they plan to offer education and mentorship to minorities from the Greater New Orleans area to help the progression of minorities to leadership positions in the kitchen and leadership positions in the community.

Just to clear things up, the scholarship isn’t affiliated with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! program, though there’s a shared emphasis on mobility and rocking some sweet bangs.

If you’re a young chef-wannabe in New Orleans, apply here, and good luck!

[Chefs Move!]

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