What Do Celebrity Chefs Think About Food Photography In Restaurants?

A few weeks ago, a New York Times article asked some famous chefs about their rules on photography, and from that, a wellspring of debate rose: is it appropriate to take photos of your food in a restaurant? Is it a sign of disrespect towards the chef?  Does it interrupt diners nearby?

While everyone generally agreed that the use of flash photography is the devil (both for the photo’s quality and for everyone else around said photographer), it became a matter of opinion from that point on. Shared Appetite decided to poll their favorite chefs on their thoughts, and shared the results on Reddit, and can be seen below.  (Take these comments with a cliched grain of salt, though: as one commenter pointed out, “What kind of response would you expect from chefs using social media when you ask them about people putting pictures of their food up with social media?”)

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