Chicago Chefs Get All Handsome And Dapper For Haberdash Photo Shoot

Autumn is here, and though the temperature may have dropped dramatically and annoyingly unexpectedly, it means one thing: FANCY FALL CLOTHING! Tweeds! Scarves! Jackets made of animal parts! Layering! Dark colors and fine leather goods! Scarves! Hats! Gloves! Did we mention scarves?

As true fashionistas, we were extremely pleased to see this morning that Haberdash, a Chicago menswear purveyor, outfitted our favorite Chicago chefs in their latest fashion guide, No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service. This is the second time they’ve sartorialized the city’s best chefs in their finest menswear, and for the company, food and fashion seem like a natural pairing: “Both are about art and culture; love and appreciation; and, sensual pleasure and passion.”

We will ignore the typos in that sentence and enjoy seeing Tony Mantuano, Art Smith, and Anthony Martin dressed like the dapperest of gentlemen. Y’all got haaaandsome. (Also, men we know? Please dress like this more often.)

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