Chick-fil-A Sunday Roundup: No Chick-fil-A For You!

…only because it’s Sunday and Chick-fil-As everywhere are closed, not because we’re telling you to stop eating there. So we guess no one gets to eat Chick-fil-A! Damn you, Christian Values! Now we can’t watch our culture wars over the weekend!

Except that we can, because the news never sleeps.

  • Thanks to a enterprising DC lawyer named Ted Frank, you won’t have to give up your sandwiches if you choose to boycott the chain. Instead, you can treat gay marriage rights and the culture war much like a tree and buy a chicken offset every time you purchase a sandwich! Each offset you purchase goes directly to LGBT-rights organizations, like It Gets Better and the Williams Institute. “Your offsets will provide far more money to non-profits that support gays than buying a sandwich at Chick-fil-A ends up putting in the pockets of anti-gay-rights organizations,” Frank says on the newly-created site. You make a logical point there, sir.
  • Huffington Post unearths the uneasy, awkward truth that the entire brouhaha over buying sandwiches or kissing people is very nuanced, as evidenced by the strong minority of people in the LGBT community that wonder whether the Kiss-In was the best move for gay rights.
  • Stephen Colbert may have made the idea of a chicken breast sandwich sound positively Sapphic, but this photo of the daily special from Beaver’s Restaurant in Texas shows that “Chick-on-Chick Fillet” sandwiches are indeed capable of loving relationships and raising a baby pickle in a safe environment.

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