Chick-Fil-A’s Secret Menu: Last Call

Happy President’s Day! If you were off, stop rubbing it in. If you worked today, time to get home and watch the Grammy Awards. But, before you go, here’s what you need to read.

First We Feast

Chick-fil-A Embattled In Controversy Over Anti-Gay Marriage Remarks

Chick-Fil-A has a secret menu, and First We Feast has ranked them all. Have at it.



There’s a Whole Foods that’s now selling breakup cakes, so if after buying your significant other Valentine’s Day gifts you’ve realized he or she is not the one, you’ve got some more shopping to do.

Vice Munchies


Stop asking your waiter to sing “Happy Birthday.” First of all, it’s totally not necessary and always awkward. Second of all, you’re depressing the waiter.

Enjoy the Grammys! See you tomorrow.

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