Chipotle Exec Indicted in ‘Major’ Lower East Side Cocaine Bust

chipotle-quitAdd ‘find new Chief Creative and Development Officer’ to Chipotle’s to-do list. Continuing the downward spiral of the once-popular fast-casual chain, executive Mark Crumpacker was indicted today in a drug bust that brought down three dealers and 18 customers.

According to the New York Daily News, the cocaine trafficking ring was “major,” and dealers “allegedly sold at bodegas, restaurants, bars, hotels, and some of the buyers workplaces.” Supposedly, they also sold at places like Duane Reade and CVS.

Also named in the indictment were a Fox Business producer and a Merrill-Lynch employee.

While this isn’t bad news that goes directly back to Chipotle, we imagine that the chain would want to keep its name out of headlines, especially negative ones. They’ve had a huge string of problems over the last year. There were multiple outbreaks of e. coli and Norovirus in several of their stores, and since then business hasn’t bounced back despite giving a ton of free food to its customers. Recently, several shareholders filed a lawsuit against executives alleging the execs dumped a ton of stock before the e.coli outbreak.

Doesn’t look like things will be looking up for the brand anytime soon. If you’re feeling bummed about the decline of your favorite lunch spot, we’ve got a whole list of places you can eat instead.

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