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Tofu-Stuffed Chipotle Burritos: They’re Coming

Sorry, Savannah Guthrie; tofu won yet another battle today. Chipotle started testing “sofritos” burritos in San Francisco in an effort to cater to their veg fans and to combat rising meat prices. While you’ve always been able to opt for a meat-free burrito at Chipo-po with pepper-and-onion filling only, this veg protein option joins the “Garden Fresh” option several locations in the Northeast sell, which are stuffed with a blend of vegetables and vegan protein.

Of course, we have to ask: how come San Francisco gets sauteed tofu Chipotle burritos first? You can already get those anywhere you want in San Francisco. San Francisco is literally hoarding the entire US population’s supply of tofu burritos. Danny Bowien complains that New York has yet to open a decent burrito place, but isn’t Chipotle part of the problem when they refuse to share tofu burritos with New Yorkers, who are so willing and desperate for them?

The moral of this story: New York needs a tofu burrito messiah, and Chipotle has failed it.

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