Chipotle: JK We Hacked Our Own Twitter LOL

The hack of the Chipotle twitter account, which included a strange and confusing set of tweets partially involving an attempt to find an avocado store in Arvada, Colorodo, was just a marketing ploy, is reporting.

The hack coincided with the burrito empire’s Adventurito promotion game honoring the company’s 20th anniversary. The random avocado-ing tweets weren’t so random – they had to do with the daily puzzle that gives Chipotle disciples a chance to win a lifetime supply of burritos. The fake hack, Mashable stated, added more than 4,000 followers the day of the supposed troll whereas Chipotle’s normal rate of gaining followers is about 250 a day.

Clearly the scheme worked. But, Joe, fake apology not accepted. There’s nothing funny about trying to win a lifetime supply of burritos. Nothing.

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