WATCH: Chris Cosentino Talks Religious Pork Abstinence On Latest Episode of Pork You

“The use of pig is as old as time.” –Chris Cosentino

And he can say that because he’s the greatest chef in history.

Ever inquisitive, investigative, and striving to represent both sides of the story, Chris Cosentino tapped his Muslim friend Mourad Lahlou of Aziza in San Francisco for an interview on his HUNGRY Channel YouTube Series Pork You.

Obviously, Chris runs a pork-centric restaurant in a pork-loving city. So he wanted to chat about Islam and Judaism’s religious resistance to consuming the rich, fatty, king of meats. Mourad confessed that a lot of it is the whole faith-based idea of doing something, even though you may not completely understand it, in the hopes of bettering yourself. But he also admitted that the notion of pork being verboten because the animal is “unclean” is total bullshit.

On the flip side, Mourad feels that a lot of chefs use pork flavoring as a crutch in dishes. Chris claims that, at Incanto, they cook beef in beef fat, chicken in chicken fat, duck in duck fat, etc. But we seem to remember him poaching some oysters in pork stock on the Top Chef: Masters finale, and Francis Lam describing it thusly: “That oyster is like you took a swim in the ocean, you’re doing the backstroke, the sun is hitting you, you’re feeling good, and all of a sudden a pig comes and gives you a back rub.”


Check out the whole episode of Pork You below.

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