WATCH: Chris Cosentino Lands New YouTube Series, Pork You

The offal king of NorCal, Chris Cosentino, has made no bones about how much he hates the state of food TV. After his “educational” show about food origins (read: Chris Slaughtering Animals On TV) got axed by Food Network, Chris swore off food television altogether as a hopeless sea of gluttonous competitions and uneducated civilians attempting to become chefs. Fair enough. But then he signed on to do Top Chef: Masters, which totally doesn’t count because it’s for charity!

Anyway, what’s the best way to give TV the middle finger? Move your show to its cooler, wider-reaching, not-in-danger-of-becoming-obsolete little sister, The Internet. Chris will kick off his new series Pork You on the soon-to-launch YouTube food channel HUNGRY. In five-minute episodes, Chris will take us on an informative journey through the versatile beast, showing off such dishes as bacon doughnuts and pork brains spread on toast. Tastay! Check out the trailer below.

[Food Republic]

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