Chrissy Teigen Follows Nude Pic Tweet With Bobby Flay Meatloaf Tweet

After gaining her 200,000th Twitter follower, model, gourmand, Eric Ripert buddy/reformation project, and soon-to-be Cooking Channel host Chrissy Teigen celebrated in a way that any celebrity would: tweeting a nude photo of herself. (Somewhere in the world, Eric Ripert is flustered and mumbling and has no idea what to do.)

“If this doesn’t get me suspended I dunno what will #happy2000000,” she wrote, linking to said questionable Instagram photo. It’s currently still up, but just in case something happens, we have pasted it below, for journalistic purposes:

However, since it’s been up for more than half a day already (and since Teigen was, as our friends at Styleite suggested, likely being painted for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition), it seems as if Instagram has no problem with it. Teigen, however, might have some regrets:

That’s why we said “might.” And, within hours, she was back to her normal self:

[h/t Gossip Cop]

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