Read Momofuku Milk Bar Chef Christina Tosi’s Food Diary: How Is She Still Alive?

Cookies and chips for lunch every day; cereal and pretzel milk for snack; deep fried pizza for dinner. This is Christina Tosi‘s life, and yet she is petite and adorable. HOW, CHRISTINA TOSI? TEACH US YOUR WAYS.

The only produce we found in Momofuku Milk Bar chef/owner/goddess Christina Tosi’s week-long food diary for GrubStreet was a Solo cup of blueberries (served with a side handful of almonds) force fed to her by her bestie/the director of pastry operations at Milk Bar in a “silent attempt at taking care of me and making sure I take care of myself.”

We buy that Christina’s line of work requires her to sample her pastries, and Milk Bar’s shtick is that they do cool things with potato chips in desserts. Fine. But when her perfectly voluntary, non-work-related dinner is baked-then-fried pizza and a salad followed by the dregs of a Ben and Jerry’s pint, we applaud her.

Check out her totally insane junk food bender over at GrubStreet, but know that you’re probably going to have a lot of feelings over it. Jealousy, revulsion, admiration, respect, hunger, guilt, hunger, hunger, sugar shock, sodium shock (is that a thing? It is now), sympathy bloat, wonder and amazement, joy, pregnancy (that’s a feeling), diabetes (so is that)…


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