Elle Asks Christina Tosi a Million Questions About Her Thin Body, Two About Her Food


So Elle Magazine interviewed Christina Tosi. Oh boy, were we excited! We constantly complain about how terribly women’s magazines cover food, but also bemoan how irritatingly men’s magazines gender foods, so this was a great boon for us! Except for the part where Elle asked her approximately two (2) questions about food, and reserved the rest of the interview for probing questions about Christina’s body. One of the questions — and we couldn’t possibly be shitting you about this — is:

“How important is it to you to be thin?”


Nowhere in the interview does it mention that she founded her own Momofuku Milk Bar empire after successfully launching dessert programs at three different David Chang restaurants. Nowhere does it mention that she was nominated for James Beard Rising Star Chef of the Year in 2011, only to lose, be nominated again in 2012, and win. Nowhere does it mention that she pals around with Jimmy Fallon on Late Night for funsies.

These are all extremely cool facts about an extremely successful ladychef. What Elle thought was a cool fact, however, was, on a scale of “fattie” to “liposuction,” how important is it to Christina Tosi to be thin. “Heath and Fitness” column aside, the idea of asking this of any professional woman strikes us as preposterous.

The other, more flattering questions include:

  • “Would you consider yourself a sweets addict?”
  • “How often a day do you eat something sweet?”
  • “You are slim. How do you stay slim?”
  • “Do you watch your overall food intake? If so, do you have any tips or tricks for making sure you don’t go overboard?”
  • “Do you exercise?”
  • People must ask you these kinds questions all the time. What have you determined is the most important factor in maintaining a healthy weight, especially when you’re surrounded by sweets?”

Kill us. Kill us, now.

Also, can we discuss what a ridiculous line of questioning this is for a chef? “How often a day do you eat something sweet?” She runs a pastry empire and likely tastes her food often because she is good at her job. The simpler question might be “How often do you eat something savory?”

For the record, the one (1) question about her food was “What inspired you to make a healthier cookie?” and the one (1) question about her career was “As a chef, what attracted you to pastries in the first place?”

And we wonder why there are no Goddesses of Food spreads in mainstream publications that aren’t food spaces. We’ll be the first to declare The Media at -1 for today.

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