Tonight in Food TV: Christina Tosi Judges The Taste in a Dessert Challenge

On tonight’s episode of The Taste — bravely slotted against The Olympics’ fledgling pre-Opening Ceremonies events — Christina Tosi joins the remaining contestants to judge them in a dessert team challenge.

So to recap, last week featured a vegetarian challenge, and this week appears to be dessert-focused. Poor, poor Tony. If you, like him, fancy yourself a ravenous, sweets-hating carnivore, then this clip of Nigella Lawson putting the verve back into sensual food should rev your engines just enough to get through tonight’s episode, which you can catch at 8pm on ABC.

From Kinetic Content: This clip via ‘The Taste’ app, an organic and continually new companion to the show that keeps you in touch with your favorite mentors, guests, contestants, dishes, and all the dishing that goes on off set! And, unlike other static apps, there is fresh content all the time, all for free. For iPhone | For Android

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