Christina Tosi Reigns Over All of Lady Chefs, and We Approve


As if we didn’t drool enough over Christina Tosi, her impeccable taste, and her impeccable life, a new profile makes us proud to call her ruler of lady chefs.

Refinery29 follows Tosi as she happens to traipse around her Momofuku Milkbar headquarters and shop, looking awesome while doing it. And no questions about beauty, staying thin, or anything like it! Instead, R29 gets into what an actual lady boss and chef Tosi is.

Among some key anecdotes of her start in the food industry and her mentors (Wylie Dufresne and David Chang), Tosi answers the burning questions about what it means to represent lady ches everywhere. Needless to say, her answers are on point:

You’ve also said that you encourage women coming into the industry to think of themselves as individuals wearing aprons just like everyone else — undefined by gender. But, kitchens are notoriously macho environments. How easy is that, really?
“My mom’s managing her own accounting firm in Virginia, which is a little bit of a good ol’ boys state, and I feel like she raised me to obviously know that I’m a girl, but to just be like, ‘Yeah, whatever!’ They’re gonna pick at whatever you let them pick at, so don’t give them something to pick at. You’re gonna get yelled at in the kitchen for messing something up or not working hard enough or being clumsy, but own yourself as being a clumsy person, not a clumsy woman.”

… That said, do you ever feel pushed into a position of being a spokesperson for female chefs beyond what’s comfortable to you?
“No, I think I’m often asked these questions, but my feedback is, ‘I know I’m a girl, and I love owning that, in work and out of work.’ I will say that my favorite chefs are male chefs who say, ‘the best employees are female chefs because they’re not worried about anything other than doing the best job. It’s not that they’re not trying to prove themselves, they just don’t have the same machismo that other male chefs have.’ I think that’s always such an interesting point of feedback from male chefs.”

You go, Christina Tosi. You go girl.


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