Worthy Kickstarter Of The Day: City Grit Needs To Move House

We’ve mocked some Kickstarters in our day, but occasionally some Kickstarters are worthy of money, time, and e-ink. City Grit, for instance, needs $100,000 to move itself to a larger event space. But why give your hard-earned dollars to City Grit? Obviously this compelling, heartfelt video below will tell you, but for the visually lazy and time-constrained, here’s a breakdown:

  • It’s a fun institution that brings chefs from around the country to the Big Apple, highlighting their talents in a fun, intimate environment full of knicknacks and unpretentious hospitality
  • It’s a talent incubator, identifying rising chefs that normally wouldn’t get exposure elsewhere
  • It’s a less polished, more eclectic version of The James Beard House, and as much good as The James Beard Foundation does, we are proponents of free-market competition
  • The New York Times loves them and you should agree with everything The New York Times says because you are a Liberal Elitist
  • Stop asking us imaginary questions and give them money already, because they only have 30 days. Seriously, they have sign the lease on their dream space in 30 days and need the cash to do so, and why are you still reading, THROW MONEY AT THEM.

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