Coke Launches New Ad Campaign Geared Towards Teens, Michelle Obama Is Probably Freaking Out

Is there anything more satisfying than filthy rich CEOs flailing to get hip to the kids? THERE IS NOT. Behold, these three emblematic statements from Coca-Cola’s new teen-geared “Ahh” campaign: For the teens!

  • “We’re helping teens rediscover the liquid, the product.”
  • “We’re giving teens a reason to choose us. It gives teens a reason to reach for a Coke.”
  • “We want to be where teens are. Social and digital is core to this campaign, but we wanted to expand the footprint of Ahh.”

What does “social and digital” mean in this case exactly? A new game app called “Penguin Curling” and a commercial made up of user-generated content submitted by teens asked to show how they feel drinking a Coke. We’ll wait patiently for Michelle Obama’s spoof starring soda-hyped teens slowly crashing into sluggish video game-playing couch potatoes.

Check out the first “Ahh” ad spot below. Description: “Every sip of Coca-Cola feels like ‘AHH.’ It’s kind of like a polar bear karate chopping inanimate objects. Or a moon-walking spaceman.”


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