Colicchio & Sons Hosts Star-Studded Line-Up Cooking For Gerry Hayden’s ALS Benefit

We’re hardcore over-exposed to the harsh, cutthroat inner workings of a restaurant kitchen thanks to a myriad of reality shows dedicated to proving how All Chefs Are The Biggest Badasses Ever And You Have No Hopes Of Getting Laid Nearly As Much As These Guys. However, here in the real world (not that we at The Braiser are an accurate cross-section of the real world, but this is neither the time nor the place to get all meta on you guys), Colicchio & Sons is proving that, in the end, real chefs have other chef’s backs, especially in their hour of need.

Gerry Hayden, New American cuisine pioneer, who served stints at such prestigious NYC restos as Aureole (under Charlie Palmer), Amuse, and The River Café has been battling ALS (Lou Gherig’s Disease) since January of 2011. And so, on June 24th, Colicchio & Sons will host a benefit dinner in his honor, with 16 celebrity chefs cooking on the roster. Jonathan Waxman, Marco Canora, Bobby Flay, Wylie Dufresne, Mark Ladner, Alfred Portale, and current River Café chef Brad Steelman are all on board to cook alongside Tom Colicchio for a sold out dining room. Tickets were snatched up for $250 a-piece, with proceeds going directly to Gerry to off-set his medical bills, as well as to ALS research funding.

Hats off to Tom and the gang for stepping up, and we’re totally jealous of ticket-holders with that chef line-up.

[Grub Street]

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