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Tom Colicchio And Eddie Huang Celebrate Shark Week By Fishing For Monsters

Aye, Eddie Huang and Tom Colicchio be testin’ their luck against the toothed beasties of the sea, especially during Shark Week, when the man-eatin’ fishes become infinitely more frightenin’ in the public imagination. Arrrrr. Of course, Huang had to Instagram their conquest over nature and send proof of it to the New York Times:


Quick shark lesson! Blue sharks are known as “the wolves of the sea,” and mako sharks are related to great whites. SO THEY ARE OBVIOUSLY FREAKY.

Shut up about the extremely low record of shark-on-human attacks, they’re goddamn sharks.

Colicchio did reassure his Twitter followers that they released the sharks instead of harvesting their fins for sharkfin soup, which would have angered the sharks more and turned them against us.

(Also, in non-sailor talk, Colicchio did turn 50 yesterday, the age at which a man no longer has a fear of sharks.)


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