Come On Chefs, We All Know You Smoke Pot – Get High with Your Bad Self

This CHOW article makes a good point: beyond Roy Choi and his delightful tribute to pot in, uh, POT, where are all the 4/20-loving chefs? (Oh right, they’re in Boulder.)

JK, there’s actually quite a few chefs that seem to be blazing the trail (get it?!) for an upgrade to stoner status. Like Eddie Huang in, well, just about everything. And even Anthony Bourdain kinda looks high sometimes. And restaurants like Roberta’s are making weed-themed menus because of course they are! And The New Yorker includes weed recipes now, because of course it does! But still, this CHOW author, John Birdsall, thinks there’s a long way to go before chefs make getting high high-brow again.

Could Choi be the only prominent chef to speak truth about his love for trees? Let’s be honest, cooking for a living is a grind. A lot of chefs unwind with weed, the way a lot of other Americans chill with weed. Up to now, mashups of weed and food have been Harold & Kumar–ish, goofy stoner-jokey, in books you’re likely to find on the Urban Outfitters gift table, not in Williams-Sonoma cookbook racks.

Truth, dude. Don’t worry, we’re getting there. We’ll keep petitioning The New Yorker to get on those weed recipes in the meantime.


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