WATCH: Conan Puts A Cherry Bomb In A Gingerbread House, Records The Explosion In Slo-Mo

Remember the time Conan O’Brien was so impressed with the slow-motion footage at the Olympics last summer that he rented one of the high quality cameras to document him smashing things with a baseball bat in slow motion? Most notably, a burrito?

Well, he brought the gag back: holiday edition! Last night, he smashed candy canes, tennis-racketed cookies and milk, poured eggnog over his sidekick, and — best part — put a cherry bomb into a gingerbread home and recorded all the fun in slow-motion.

He also tried a bit where a dog kissed him under some mistletoe, but that didn’t turn out too well, because the dog was hyperactive and weighed 180 pounds.

Check out the clip below to see beautiful frosting mist.

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