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WATCH: Conan O’Brien Commissions World’s Longest Chicago-Style Hot Dog

Very few items coax me out from behind The Royal We. After all, my hometown of Chicago doesn’t boast a Sandwich Nazi or hack politicians. But what we DO have is just about the most delicious damn tube of meat on a bun the world has ever known. Call our condiments unconventional, but from the time I was a wee bairn, the mere thought of putting ketchup on a hot dog made my stomach turn. But I’m not here to be a hot dog elitist or a Chicago-style snob. Because Conan O’Brien does it for me.

The Ginja Ninja himself deems Chicago’s hot dogs the best in the world, and, with the help of hometown heroes The Vienna Beef Company, he commissioned the world’s longest hot dog. Out it paraded down the aisle of The Chicago Theater, where Conan has posted up for the week filming his talk show, and up on stage it was left: 40 feet of meaty, celery-salted bliss. While The Guinness Book of World Records guys were a no-show, Conan did manage to find a Guinness-drinking “local” with the cheesiest Mike Ditka-impression of all time from the pub across the street to officiate. Insert crude jokes and Adam Richman‘s call-to-arms here.

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