Congressmen Caught Boozing, Should Name the Newest #FakeDCBars ‘Looming Shutdown’


We don’t want to ruin your Sunday cup of coffee and all, but this whole government shutdown thing isn’t looking good for any one of us. And while we may drown ourselves in booze to remind us of a time when government was good and helped people, it sounds like some Congressmen were doing the same thing last night in the House of Representatives.

There were numerous Tweets from political reporters last night that while the House of Representatives was in crisis mode, they were throwing back a few drinks too.

Which, perhaps rightly, angered some people.

But obviously, what we want to know: in which one of the #FakeDCBars were our Congressmen boozing as the government hurtled towards another shutdown? Bipartisan? Crisis? Obamacare’s?

And so it turns out, Elise Foley,* the author who created #FakeDCBars for us all to enjoy, had it right all along.

*Full disclosure: I’ve known Elise Foley for years as a friend, and consider her to be awesome for many reasons, including #FakeDCBars.

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