CONTEST WINNERS: The Best Selfies from NYCWFF’s Meatpacking Uncorked!

Last Friday, we asked our readers to take photos at the New York Wine and Food Festival’s Meatpacking Uncorked!. But not just any photos: to win our Special Prize (dinner for two to a hot NYC restaurant), our readers had to send us photos of themselves being utter goofballs while eating food and getting real buzzed.

We’ve gone through the entries and selected some honorable mentions, as well as a winner. Congratulations to all, and don’t forget to pick up your dignity in the Lost and Found bin!

Best Chug:

Goofiest Abrams Media Employee Award: Bill Binan

Best “What Sort Of Blair Witch Project Crap Is This” Photo:

Best Julia Child Impersonators:

And your winners, for combining the Hottest Mess, Fishy Face, AND Wine Lips (and Joker Smiles):

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