WATCH: Jacquelyn Walks Off The Taste, Despite Making the Second Best Dish

As Aussie one-hit wonder OMC once put it: how bizarre, how bizarre.

We don’t even know what we can say about last night’s The Taste walk-off. Jacquelyn was the sole remaining member of Team Nigella, and after fighting with her mentor through the entirety of her team challenge prep time (and taking a chef’s knife to a can of food to open it…?), she walked off set right after Yotam Ottolenghi declared Team Ludo the winners. He went on to name her dish the second best of the teams, but she wasn’t around to hear it. And just before Marcus Saumuelsson was about to eliminate one of his losing team members, production interrupted proceedings to inform the mentors that Jacqueline wouldn’t be returning. Team Samuelsson was safe for the moment, but what the actual hell happened?

Watch the strange scene unfold in two parts below and discuss conspiracy theories amongst yourselves.

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