WATCH: Cookie Monster Dresses Up As Mario Batali For Halloween

Here at The Braiser, we can’t help but get irrationally excited whenever Muppets step into the kitchen. Don’t ask questions. We just do. So, naturally, we freaked out when the Dish of the Day on today’s episode of The Chew was presented by none other than Cookie Monster!

He and Mario Batali teamed up to make orange-scented sugar cookies, decorated, of course, in ghoulish Halloween fashion. To be festive, Cookie even arrived in costume, wearing a chef’s hat, a black fleece vest, and a familiar orange ponytail.

“Are you some sexy chef who happens to be on TV today?” Mario asked.

“ME COOKIE BATALI,” Monster replied.

Cookie Monster also criticized Mario for his lack of catchphrase, an important part of any celebrity chef’s brand! He even taught Carla Hall how to eat cookies like he does, which is, of course, completely hilarious. Check out the two clips below.

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