Manager Of A Rodent-Infested Cosi Forbids Reporters To Look Under Tables, Real-Life Ratatouille?

We’re choosing to look on the bright side, here. Maybe the staff of Cosi at Metro Center in Washington DC, which had recently been cited with 17 health violations (including but not limited to: the presence of rodent droppings, undersized sinks, and chicken being stored at improper temperatures), refused to let reporters look under their tables because they were harboring a suspicious-looking, but totally innocuous, kitchen staff made up of culinary savant rats? What? It’s been known to happen.

After DC Health inspectors blew up Cosi’s shit, a local reporter went to pay a visit with a camera crew in tow, and was ejected by the staff, later receiving a nasty email from a regional manager, which was promptly posted on Facebook and went viral. (When will people learn not to send reporters angry emails? They’re just going to publish them and laugh at you. We get drunk with power like that.)

Wrote the manager in the letter reposted no less than 140 times on Facebook:

“We would appreciate it if you do not disturb our customers, partners and management team with unwarranted investigations…Actions such as looking under our furniture or asking questions aggressively do a great deal of distress towards our customers and our Cosi team.”

You know what else causes distress? Rodents snacking on our salmonella chicken wraps before we get to them.

[Huffington Post]

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