Costco and Walmart Shrimp Are Apparently Fed Via Thai Slave Ships

In what sounds like a gruesome Game of Thrones plot, the world’s largest shrimp farmer, which supplies Walmart and Costco in the States, as well as Tesco in the UK, apparently feeds its shrimp with fishmeal oh-so-responsibly sourced from Thai slave ships.

To restate: CP Foods, based in Thailand, feeds its farmed shrimp using fishmeal that comes off supply ships run by enslaved crews. According to Gawker:

The Guardian, which spoke with several escaped slaves, reports truly horrifying conditions on the fishmeal ships. Laborers work 20-hour days for no pay, and are tortured, beaten, and sometimes murdered. Some are given meth as fuel for a long shift.

The Guardian report also notes, “Another trafficking victim said he had seen as many as 20 fellow slaves killed in front of him, one of whom was tied, limb by limb, to the bows of four boats and pulled apart at sea.”

So maybe lay off the Thai-sourced frozen shrimp until the Thai government figures out its slavery problem, and think about unspeakable cruelty perpetrated upon your fellow human the next time you’re craving shrimp stir fry.

[The Guardian h/t Gawker]

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