WATCH: Richard Blais Explains How He Got Over His Aversion To Southern Food On A Country Fried Burger Lab

Richard Blais had us at Carolina barbecue sauce, but while composing his battered-then-liquid-nitrogen-frozen country fried burger on the most recent episode of Burger Lab, he bravely revealed his early beef with Southern food, as a New York transplant to The ATL. Said Richard, while lovingly combining the ingredients for pimento cheese:

“I was really stubborn when I came to the South. I loved polenta; I hated grits. But I’ve come to find that Southern food is really the only true American food. The history’s so deep, there’s so much soul in it, and it’s just food you want to eat every single day, so it works perfectly for burgers.”

Shh, it’s okay. Polenta and grits are totally the same thing but with a $15 price difference. If beef + deep fryer sounds like a spectacular idea to you, check out Burger Lab with Richard Blais below.

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