Dumb Criminals: Couple Plants Razor Blades In Doughnuts, Eats Them In Extortion Plot

We know what you’re thinking: Ugh, another kooky Florida crime. But no! This criminal couple is from Utah! Weird, right? So, today’s questionable food criminals of the day decided that the best way to score some quick cash would be to frame a Smith’s Food and Drug store in Draper, Utah for carrying “tainted food.”

They then proceeded to plant a bunch of razor blades in a box of doughnuts they had purchased, take the box over to the Dollar Store where they worked, open the box and pass the doughnuts around, eating some themselves, and then after having swallowed a bunch of razor blades, complain about it. A co-worker they had offered a doughnut to also suffered injuries, unaware of the scam.

Unfortunately for these great criminal minds, it took all of a few minutes of questioning for police a confession from the couple. Smith’s pulled the doughnuts from store shelves to be safe, and the couple has been charged with filing a false police report and assault (of innocent doughnuts that never did anything to them).

[New York Daily News]

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