Creepy Craigslist Ad Seeks ‘Babe’ Blogger To ‘Take Food Porn From PG-13 To NC-17’


Have you always dreamed of being a food writer? Hopelessly and desperately? Are you even willing to sell your soul to the drudgery of food blogging just to get some street cred and a leg up? We respect that. But don’t do it this way. Promise us. Okay? Okay.

Evidently, @DadBoner and Jean-Ralphio have procreated to create this non-parody, actual, legitimate (well…), sincere Washington DC entrepreneur, seeking “a full time young and vibrant server/chef/bartender/hostess in the DC fine dining scene to blog and work as a part/semi-full time production director and creative partner in a new and brash endeavor.”

Alright, so far, so good. Edgy, yet approachable. But, as is often the case with Craigslist, we so swiftly devolve from maybe okay to complete creepfest:

“Keep your night job, but consider surreptitiously gigging for me for an extra $600 or more/week as a babe blogger of all things fine dining DC. The vision is a cool babe who has a way with words who actively blogs the restaurant scene — provocatively and anonymously.

She blogs about real fine dining shit in a sexy way. She understands and appreciates the lack of poignant blogs about the DC fine dining scene, and she sees the potential popularity in such an endeavor, and argues me for equity because she’s a bad ass sexy bitch who gets what we’re trying to do here. Sex and food and truth….

So, if you want to anonymously attempt the country’s first true food porn blog, and find yourself restless and sexy and helpless and bored w/ the daily bullshit of fine dining in DC… there is an eccentric young business dude who’ll pay the right babe(s) a weekly salary of $600 or more to generate meaningful colorful content. Honestly, I really want to find a partner who believes in this, and sees the potential of the sexy restaurant review against the backdrop of typical DC vanilladom. Let’s inject sex into this equation, and make some money while doing something cool.”

You can read the ad in its entirety here. Bonuses: he misspells “lewd” and is specifically seeking “unique” sexy over…we dunno, regular sexy…?


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