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What The What Is Going On With These Psychedelic Lobsters?!

Observe these rare specimens of funky-colored lobsters. They also come in hot pink! Weird, right? But reports of these wild and crazy crustaceans appearing in lobstermen’s traps have increased during this legendary Summer Of Lobster, and everyone is wondering why.

The AP has a few theories:

  1. Social media has made it easier to share pictures and reports of bizarre lobsters, which increases the number of increased sightings as well as karma points on Reddit.
  2. Rainbow lobsters, unable to blend into the ocean floor like normal-colored lobsters, were likely easy prey for hungry, hungry cod. Except overfishing happened, so no more cod to keep nature in balance. Sorry, nature.
  3. Soaring number of lobsters being harvested per year = soaring number of weird lobsters.
  4. Lobsters discovered hair dye and are using it as a form of self-expression. (Okay fine that was our theory.)

So absent of hot-gluing them onto a safety pin and giving it to your Nana as a kitschy brooch for her shawl, what do we do with these pretty freaks of nature? Eat them. Duh. Unless you find a rare albino lobster, any colored lobster turns red when you cook it, says Bob Bayer of the University of Maine’s Lobster Institute. “There’s no difference in taste,” he added.

So go ahead. Eat that pretty little thing. We dare you.

[AP via Yahoo!]

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