Tonight In Food TV: The Critic Becomes The Chef On Top Chef Masters

On tonight’s Top Chef Masters, the penultimate challenge of Season 4 is out of the chefs’ hands — literally. For their Quickfire, the final three are set with the task of blindly guiding another chef through cooking a dish separated by a divider. The twist? Those “chefs” they can’t see are really critics/judges Ruth Reichl, Francis Lam, and James Oseland. Tricky, tricky, Magical Elves.

Later, for their Elimination Challenge, the chefs will have to guide what looks like teen “chefs” through cooking their dishes. Kerry Heffernan seems to have a good sense of how to motivate without destroying his little sous chef’s soul forever, but Chris Cosentino’s gal seems like a butterfingers in the kitchen. We’re betting he loses his cool (what cool?). Lorena Garcia probably sneaks her kid a few shots of tequila and arouses him with her sexy cilantro fairy dust to keep him focused.

Which two chefs will move on to the finale this week? We’re pretty sure Patricia Yeo’s face — wherever it is right now — will explode if Lorena does, so fingers crossed for her, are we right?

Check out a sneak peek below.

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