The Cronut Internet Ordering Saga Was All The Emotions

ICYMI, the Cronut went on sale online this weekend, thanks to That meant that Cronut mongers nationwide got to feel all the hope, fear, and disappointment that regular New Yorkers have felt when unable to get their hands on a Cronut.

We followed the drama on Sunday to see how many, if any, Tweeps got their hands on a Cronut via the online ordering system. Naturally, it was all full of emotions — like a Shakespeare drama, if you will. We call it:

It started out hopeful.

Even the animals were involved.

And then it got fun.

And then, a glimmer of hope! (For the most random state ever.)

And hopes remained high.

And then despair set in.

(We can’t believe you did, either.)

(TWELVE HOURS?! We can’t even do fun things for 12 hours, geez.)

And then someone called it what it rightfully was.

And then anger, despair, and all the emotions set in.

And the finale. In case you were wondering, it didn’t end well.

Did anyone get a Cronut through Goldbely? Tell us your saga, oh pretty please. We hope the ending wasn’t a tragedy.

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