WATCH: People Tell Dominique Ansel the Cronut ‘Changed My Life’; Like, All the Time

Dominique Ansel got his very own Today Show package this morning in a segment entitled “Creator Explains Why Everyone Loves the Cronut,” which we cozied up to with a shit-eating grin, because we were fairly certain that his answer wasn’t going to be “because it debuted during 2013’s slowest food news week, and food bloggers trying to fill post quotas jumped on it like the last biscuit at Thanksgiving dinner, triggering a totally overinflated craze.” And sure enough, he didn’t say that.

Don’t believe us about the preposterous levels of hype? Check out the clip below to hear people proclaiming such nonsense as “this pastry has changed my life” and “I think Cronuts are what Jesus eats on a Sunday morning.”

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