WATCH: Curtis Stone Finally Breaks His Silence On Cat Cora’s DUI

Attention foodies: there’s a new Cat Cora-spondent in town. Curtis Stone stopped by CBS This Morning today to promote the season finale of Around the World in 80 Plates, and talked about the show, the global water crisis and the resulting rise in food prices, obesity — BLAH BLAH BLAH WHAT’S UP WITH CAT CORA, CURTIS? TELL US.

Curtis didn’t share much, but he did comment that he had spoken to his co-host recently and that she was hanging in there:

I saw her last night and she’s doing fine. You know, of course, you go through this sort of stuff in life and you make some decisions you’re not so proud of. I’m sure that she’s had a tough time with it. But she’s keeping her head up and she’s doing alright.

As for himself, Curtis is doing a bit better than “alright”: he recently got engaged to his girlfriend, and the grin on his face might be the most adorable thing we’ll see all day.

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