WATCH: Curtis Stone ‘Surprises’ Kathie Lee for Her 60th Birthday, to Our Befuddlement

If you’re the type of person typically drunk mid-morning on a Friday, then you probably know that it’s Kathie Lee Gifford’s 60th Birthday Week, which has bled out beyond The Fourth Hour’s boozy borders to affect all aspects of The Today Show. This morning, for example, the (early) AM news anchors piped in a feed from Kathie Lee’s house in Greenwich, CT (yeah, rich people house alert) of Hoda Kotb, an excessive number of balloons, a mariachi band, and Curtis freaking Stone “surprising” KLG with a morning birthday breakfast cocktail. (We use air-quotes because she came out of her manse mic-ed and carrying a perfectly-styled bloody mary. …Surprise?)

We’re sort of impressed with how quickly Curtis forgives and forgets. Remember what an impolite house-guest she was when she crashed that episode of Top Chef: Masters earlier this season, throwing her critiques into the mix with the rest of the judges, but refusing to taste any of the ‘icky’ foods (like chicken livers and prawn heads)? We guess he’s over it. All’s fair in love and diplomatic NBC Universal cross-promotion.

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