DadBoner To Host Stand-Up Comedy Show In Brooklyn

We know you’re still reeling from the devastating loss of James Gandolfini, but here’s a small token of chuckles to bring some light to the end of your dark, f-bomb-lined tunnel. @DadBoner AKA Karl Welzein AKA Mike Burns is hosting a “DadBoner & Friends” stand-up comedy show in Brooklyn on Monday, July 15, curated by himself, and featuring a reading from his upcoming book.

According to the event description:

“Hosted by @dadboner twitter creator, Mike Burns, ‘@DadBoner & Friends, You Guys’ is a special night of stand-up from Burns and guests, also featuring exclusive live readings from Karl Welzein’s new book, Power Moves: Livin’ The American Dream, USA Style, available from IT Books on July 9, 2013.”

We’re really hoping the night will include a table read from parts of his Roadhouse 4 Guy Fieri screenplay, but maybe we’re just being greedy.

Check out all the ticket info here.


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