WATCH: Inside Top Chef All-Star Dale Talde’s Drunk Kitchen

Yes, that is a photo of a Top Chef contestant straining pasta WITH A FORK. They should take his chef whites away now.

We all get killer drunk munchies (hereafter known as “drunchies”) sometimes, but how does a restaurant chef handle his fourthmeal after a long day of service and 5-6 post-trauma Jamesons? Allow Top Chef All-Star Dale Talde to give you a looksy at life sans chef jacket.

He told Serious Eats that the key to cooking at home for him is ease and simplicity. Like 4-ingredient (plus water) “mac ‘n’ cheese,” eaten out of a pan, stirred with a fork, with little to no technique. In this case, waiting for your pasta water to come to a boil is considered technique.

We’re sure this recipe is on many a dude-bro’s shortlist, and while we’d love to poke fun at Dale’s bachelor lifestyle, a tiny little part of us is relieved that chefs are people, too. So we’ll refrain. Check out the video for his Cacio e Pepe “recipe.”

[Serious Eats]

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