Daniel Boulud And Charlie Sheen Are A Bi-Winning Duo

Last night, actor Charlie Sheen appeared at Restaurant Daniel, probably to guzzle boudin made of tiger blood and consume the poetry and magic of Daniel Boulud’s winning food (because Boulud, like Sheen, wins every day and brings it like bayonets, obvs). Boulud, of course, was happy to oblige his best friend forever with a giant truffle the size of a tangerine that smelled like a goddess, which they shaved over some bigass pasta dish and consumed like warlocks.

“Hey, good to see you again!” Boulud tweeted.

“Best joint in town! xo c” Sheen tweeted in return.

In the wake of their destructive truffle binge: smashed wine bottles, shattered highball glasses, overturned tables, hostesses crying in the closets, slabs of wagyu beef hoarded in a corner, and clouds of white powder hanging in the air.


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