Daniel Boulud Is Making His Own Whiskey

Either Daniel Boulud has become a Prohibition-era moonshine bootlegger, or he’s really coming out with his own liquor. Thankfully, Boulud is not going blind: instead, he’s partnered with The Dalmore to produce his own brand of single-malt whiskey.

Though Boulud has often collaborated with wine and champagne labels, this is the first time that he has partnered with anyone producing the demon drink. The Daily Meal reports that Boulud will serve the high-end whiskey at three of his New York restaurants (Daniel, Cafe Boulud, and probably Boulud Sud), at anywhere between $45 and $60 a pour.

Described as a “‘masculine, robust Scotch’ with notes of plum from port in the cask and a sweetness from madeira wood,” this venture is a very classy thing for Boulud to attempt, in contrast to fellow lauded chef David Chang, who is trying to brew his own beer. Chang’s platonic beer is a “a mix of Bud Light, Coors Light, and Tecate” — perfect for gentlemen and lovers?

A final wish: should Mr. Boulud stay in the whiskey business, we do hope he has a moustache as fantastic as that of the gentleman in the photo above.

[The Daily Meal]

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