WATCH: Daniel Boulud Rescues Drug-Dealing Gangsters In His Spare Time

Here’s our feel good story of the day. Meet 22-year-old Cesar Gutierrez, who went from being deeply entrenched in gang life, street hustle, and, well, jail, to sous cheffing by the tender age of 22. His saving grace? Daniel Boulud who gave Gutierrez an internship and helped him secure a scholarship to study the culinary arts in France.

“I think everyone in the brigade of Daniel benefited from [Cesar’s] skill, discipline and ability to be a team player,” Boulud told Today in a profile of the young whippersnapper. “At his level, it’s not necessarily about knowledge as much as having a positive attitude towards becoming a great chef.”

Said Gurierrez of the thorough ass-kicking he got in culinary school, which eventually put him back on the straight and narrow:

“It was very intense. If you got there late — I never got there late — [his teacher Ed Serna] wouldn’t let you train….But it was all for the better. He signed me up for success in [a] real kitchen. It’s not an easy trade…They break you down and make you forget your old habits and mold you back up to their standards.”

Check out his story below.

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